Brand Story

We are Beardhood.
The best ideas are unforeseen often unbidden,
The best ideas launch themselves into conscious thought
A random observation shifts a paradigm
Brings the commonplace into sharp focus
And reveals hidden beauty, and opportunity
Conrad, Shah and Kamar were blessed with the insight to recognize,
pursue and capture such an idea….
The best idea, however
If captured captures you,
If embraced returns the favour intimately and powerfully
As they developed Beardhood, Beardhood in turn developed them, teased them,
inspired them, frustrated and at times toyed with them
The result of this almost metaphysical yet symbiotic struggle was not merely a brand or a product but a portal, a channel, a highway that leads a man to confidence, to strength, to the ruggedness of beauty and the gentleness of charm
Gentlemen, welcome to Beardhood.