Our Story

3 guys from Toronto stumbled onto a great idea. This is our story.
Beardhood unassumingly and quite innocently began as on observation. An observation on an ordinary day on an ordinary street in Toronto. But on that Tuesday, on King Street West, the extraordinary happened. After copious amounts of people watching, surveying the novel and up to-the- minute modes in the contemporary fashion district (and imbibing his favorite beverage – rum and coke with a splash of lime), Conrad noted three things. A lot of guys are donning beards; Beards need grooming; Men’s grooming methods are ready for a transformation.

Can the essence of an organic street mood be captured in a bottle? Could I actually try to give back to these men what they give to me? Inspiration. These interconnected impressions spun thought into action – ‘Not only can I do it. I can do it better than it has ever been done by using premium grade essential oils with complex aromas layered with enduring top, base, and middle notes.’

A quick conversation with good friend and bearded accomplice Shah confirmed what men’s beards craved. Upkeep, nourishment and some well needed TLC.

Another call to their closely coiffed friend and co-conspirator Kamar, validated their assumptions – no longer I but “We can do this better”. And that is how  Beardhood was born.

“We want to bring our version of male grooming to the marketplace” says Shah. “Beards are a statement. They exude confidence and attract a certain curiosity”. Men are embracing their more ‘natural states’ injects Kamar and “we want to honor that with products that are effortless, unpretentious, and deliver extraordinary results”. “All of our products are completely natural, free of harmful chemicals, and vegan” says Conrad. We devoted our efforts to find exotic oils and pure aromas to transport your senses into a state of euphoria.

We seized the opportunity to enhance the tangible look and feel of men’s facial hair – the pride and joy of our beard growing brothers. Our ethos is to impart the ruggedness of beauty and the gentleness of charm, simultaneously enriching your soul and your senses.